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United Kingdom Immigration


The UK is a heaven for anyone looking for a better standard of living and growth opportunities. In fact, most people immigrate to the UK for better work opportunities. The UK has a very strong economy and an unemployment rate of 4.2%. Further, large enterprises in the UK have increased the demand for subject matter experts and specialists.

According to fullfact.org, 50% of immigrants to the UK were there for work-related reasons and 27% for pursuing their studies. The UK attracts workers from all over the world due to its excellent Labour law that protect the employees. Also, income inequality is lower than in most other countries. Cultural diversity also helps immigrants in easily integrating into society.

As English is a second language in many countries, language proficiency isn’t that big of an issue for most immigrants. Your language proficiency is tested through tests like IELTS and TOEFL. At the time of your immigration appointment, you may have to show the results to the interviewer.


When it comes to UK immigration most applicants apply for a work or study visa, so let’s look at the application process of these two:

Tier 1 or Tier 2 Work Visa

A Tier 1 or Tier 2 Work Visa can be applied for by the applicant. In case you need to find a job, you can look for the ‘shortage list’ released by the government of the UK. This list contains information about available jobs in multiple fields.

Tier 4 Student Visa

UK Student visa Tier 4 is essential for any candidate looking to pursue a full-time academic course in the UK. Candidates below 16 can apply for a Tier 4 (child) visa. You can even apply for family nomination, entrepreneur, and business visa. After selecting and applying for a particular visa, you will get an appointment date for an interview with UK immigration authorities.

During this interview, you’ll have to provide all the necessary documents. Most claims that you have made on your application form need to be corroborated with documents. After the interview, you’ll be provided with an acknowledgment receipt. After submitting documents, you need to go for biometrics.